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The Sacred Order The Sacred Order published in the magazine "Paracelsus", 8/VI 2009 (page 36-40), 9/VI 2009 (page 38-43)

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The Sacred Order I (Part II)

Both the mysterious memory of water and its astounding ability to receive cosmic vibrations have a common cause: The extraordinary order of its molecules. They join in the form of “sacred” platonic bodies. Private researchers use this to “reenergize” dead tap water by resonance.

Von Ulrich Arndt

The secret of life is hidden in water. Not only old myths, esoteric transmissions and alternative water researchers maintain that; this statement also concurs with the progressive state of medical knowledge. Dr. Alexis Carrel recognised that, “The cell is immortal. Only the liquid in which the cell swims is subject to degenerative processes,” a discovery that was especially meaningful to the medical science of his time and could become even more meaningful yet. For the laboratory proof of this discovery Carrel received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1912. According to him the precondition for “the cell’s eternal life” is that the extra-cellular liquid is renewed regularly depending on the nutrition and disposal of the metabolic residues. Scientists confirmed exactly this basic principle.
Not every kind of water can guarantee eternal life of the cell. The difference between an active biological cell liquid and ordinary water, and therefore the secret of life, consists in its physical structure, the spatial arrangement of the molecules – in short: its geometry. A disturbance of this “order” is linked with disease.
The well-known bio-physicist Karl S. Trincher established that tumours start through the destruction of the water structure in the cell, which means in the intra-cellular water. According to Trincher’s hypothesis, a source of “non-living” water is formed within the “living” cell water. This would cause a permanent stimulus of the cell to divide itself. The dramatic consequence: a cancer tumour begins to grow.
The structure of water is one of the big secrets of nature, which has puzzled experts for a long time. In school already we are taught something about its “abnormality.” Water is the only matter on earth that appears in all three states of aggregation: solid, liquid and gaseous. Actually this contradicts its formula H, O, from a chemical point of view, because it consists of two gases, hydrogen and oxygen. Given this formula, it should already boil at a temperature of minus 75 degrees Celsius. Instead it is frozen at this temperature and only melts at zero degrees. With 100 degrees, its boiling point is 175 degrees higher than it theoretically should be.
Connected to this is yet another physical “irregularity” through which aquatic living forms can only survive in minus degrees in winter: All matter of the world increases in density with decreasing temperature, except water. It has its greatest density at 4 degrees Celsius. Because of this, the ice swims on the surface of lakes and the fish and other water animals can “hibernate” at the bottom.
At least for this anomaly science has found an explanation. The individual molecules join together in long chains or nets, called “clusters,” which is the cause for the anomaly. Approximately 700 water molecules join structurally at a temperature of zero degrees Celsius. At room temperature, they are 400 molecules and at 100 degrees still 50. These connections are in a constant process of dissolving and of forming anew. Recently another spectacular characteristic of these clusters was discovered: They can unite into even larger regular geometric forms – yet not into random shapes but into the five known “platonic bodies” * tetrahedron, cube (hexahedron, star- tetrahedron), octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron (of 4, 6, 8, 12 and 20 areas limited body). Thus, a single H O- molecule with the charged fields of hydrogen and oxygen forms a tiny little tetrahedron (see fig., page 42). A short time ago a research group led by A. Welfort-Castleman Jr., specialist for physical chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, succeeded in proving that the water tetrahedrons can form dodecahedral structures from twenty molecules similar to the pattern on a soccer ball. This way complex and more stable structures are formed – a kind of liquid crystal, which, as Castleman Jr. could prove as well, could even remain steady in steam.

* Forms, which consist of even areas (such as square, triangle or pentagon) and where there is always the same number of edges meeting in the same angles at the corners, are called platonic bodies. If a sphere is put around such a body, only its corners touch the spherical surface; the inside of the sphere only touches the body in the middle of the individual areas.

Professor Cvril W. Smith, researcher of water and electro smog at Salford University thinks it is possible that there are further stable “superlattice” (super-structures). He supposes that homeopathic shaking or the treatment with magnetic fields form amongst others “five pointed spiral structures, dodecahedric clusters.” In these structures water molecules in the form of dodecahedrons form into a spiral pearl necklace. The higher the energy content of water the more complex the structures that form. In 1995 Professor Lande of the University of Berkeley, California, succeeded in proving the existence of such “buckyball” structures (see page 44). The exciting part: most progressive physical findings and deep esoteric knowledge of the “holy bodies” of sacred geometry and the connected teaching of harmonics meet here. There are five spacious structures considered as images of holy dimensions and harmonics, and therefore also of divine energy in the esoteric-philosophical directions influenced by Pythagoras and Plato. They are related to each one of the five elements – fire (tetrahedron), earth (cube), air (octahedron), ether (dodecahedron) and water (icosahedron).

Keplers planetary
Keplers planetary model with nested platonic bodies

The astronomer Johannes Kepler, who discovered the laws of the planetary movements, was aware of the sacred symbolism of these bodies. In his mathematical research of “expansive harmonics,” he related certain platonic bodies to the mean distances between the sun and planets. According to his hypothesis the movement of the planets is not only connected with certain platonic bodies - quasi “vibrating figures” – but also with certain frequencies and sounds via the respective times of circulation.
Similarly different esoteric teachings suppose an influence of such planetary vibrations on the earthly creation. This should take place according to the law of resonance as it is known from the teachings of Hermes Trismegistos and of music and as it manifests through resonance of several over tones when a string is touched.
Alternative researchers presume now such a cosmic resonance capability in the characteristics of water through vibrations of resonance figures of similar form, namely platonic bodies and their electromagnetic qualities. Science has proven so far that water is influenced by specific planetary constellations, as well as the sun and the moon (see part 2 of this article in the previous copy). Likewise, the existence of yet unknown planetary vibrations, which supposedly contain a special kind of electromagnetism, has been proven.
It is most astounding how water responds to specific vibrating influences. For decades the research of the Swiss doctor and naturalist Hans Jenny has shown the unbelievable diversity of forms that can be generated through the impact of different frequencies on a liquid. This way, a water drop or water in a bowl form under certain vibrations – amongst others – tetrahedrons and dodecahedrons, or comparable three or five-edged symmetrical patterns. These con-tinue into yet smaller dimensions and can be seen only under a microscope, enlarged several hundred times, as known from the famous fractals of the chaos research. However, it is unclear whether these fractal, “resonance of forms” are effective up to a tremendous size, or even to the point of cosmic sources.
Some specialists have now attempted to utilize the surprising phenomenon of the formation of platonic bodies for the vitalization of water, as for example the Austrian company “Rayex” with their “Wateractive-Pipe.” The hollow body of fifteen centimetres length, which is wrapped around the water pipeline, contains certain minerals that were pressed into the form of platonic bodies and embedded into a mass of cement. For eight years, the Viennese Dr. Gernoth Graefe has researched the energetic influence of rock flours and their particle size on plants, animals and humans. With the help of blood pressure measurements, the pulse- and breathing frequency, the release of endocrines, the skin’s resistance, muscle contractions as well as kinesiological testing and radiaesthetic mining, he discovered that minerals can neutralize the electromagnetic radiation and decrease the resulting stress for humans respectively.
There seems to be interactions between certain forms of minerals and electromagnetic frequencies similar to a sender and an antenna. By treating water with the “Rayex-Pipe,” one attempts to use this effect to “press” more energetic structures into water. At the same time, the harmful substances, which were stored in the poorer energetic order, should be eliminated with this molecular transformation. Whether the water molecules really join to more complex geometries through the “Rayex-Pipe” is not yet proven. Currently, the “energized” water is examined at the Vienna Academy of Science.
The German-American author Barbara Luetgebrune (Manual of the California Flower Therapy) believes that the fact that cosmic or divine energy, which according to esoteric teachings should flow into matter through the form of platonic bodies, could be directly used for the energizing of water. “I mentally transmit pure consciousness into a quartz crystal, which then releases the energy for the purification of tap water,” she maintains. Thus the “Universal Transformation Water,” as Luetgebrune calls it, should reinstate the biological balance and “improve the integration into the divine order.” Microscopic photos (enlargement 1:840) really do show changes: The mineral crystals were dissolved into smaller structures. Further tests do no exist.
Wolfgang Wiedergut, physicist and head of the research group for Free Energy “Bindu” in Graz, has developed a theory through which the mysterious connection between water structure, “holy geometry” and energy could be explained: “The specific density of a matter, also of water, is dependent on its inner geometric structure. When stimulated by energy, matter tries to reduce its surface to be able to hold energy for a long time. This leads to the forming of clusters and more complex geometric forms.” Initially the simple, low-energy tetrahedron molecules of water would reform into more energy-rich octahedron forms in flowing and naturally whirling water. If the flow of the water stops, the water falls back into the tetrahedron structure. This is connected to the increase of the surface and the reduction of the density, which benefits the evaporation. If the water molecules should form more complex structures than dodecahedrons, the water should be supplied with more “whirling energy.”
The natural force of the whirling movement, which is used through different methods of water “revitalization” (see also part 1 and 2), could also be replaced through different methods of “energizing” and “information.” Worldwide, however, there are very few specialized laboratories technically equipped to test water geometry at this time. Other tests can only deliver an indirect proof: Castelman’s research group at the University of Pennsylvania could show that the water geometry forms around ions to which the molecules attach themselves, much like they would attach themselves to an electric “centre of crystallization” thereby further integrating the ions into the water. For example such a stronger attachment of ions can be verified by the Biophotonic Analysis of Dr. Fritz Albert Popp and on the basis of the (reduced) surface tension. Several of the “Water-Revitalization” methods presented have proved this.
Nevertheless it is unclear if this effect could not have been caused by anything else than a “higher geometry.” At least the joining of the water molecules can take place according to different “construction plans.” At the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, cluster formation was found that lets light rays with a left or right spin through (left or right spin polarization), depending if the geometrical forms surround a negatively (right spin) or a positively charged ion.
Alternative water researchers believe to have found the cause for why the water’s ability to spin left or right can be tested with the help of a tensor or a pendulum. They assert that only “right spinning” water is beneficial for a person’s health. Also holy and healing springs are almost exclusively “right spinning.” However, there are no scientific tests for that. At the biophysical department of the University of Salzburg, laboratory tests with human fibroblasts (in vitro reproducible connective tissue cells) show that an overall evaluation is questionable. In the process – at least in the test-tube – positively charged ions (that cause “left spinning” water) emerged as an effective “killer” of cell toxins, the so-called “free radicals.”
All these still widely unexplored characteristics are not only most interesting from a hydrological and esoteric perspective, but have a direct influence on each person, namely on the energy of their cells and thereby on their entire health condition as was anticipated by the discovery of Dr. Carrel mentioned in the beginning. In their analysis of body cells and their function, doctors and biophysicists have so far neglected the cell water that accounts for 75 per cent of the cells’ content.

The Sacred Order II

Yet another mysterious anomaly of water leads us to understand why its unusual geometry is so important for the “eternal” life of the cells: If you want to heat up water by 1 degree you need a certain amount of energy. However if you heat it from 36 to 37 degrees Celsius you have to add much more energy than usual. Therefore this temperature forms a sort of energy barrier; a second one is only 1.5 degrees higher. At 37.5 degrees water has the highest flexibility for the reformation of its molecule geometry according to the theoretic model of the well-known biophysicist Karl S. Trincher. Exactly within this temperature range, between 36 and 37.5 degrees, resides the normal body temperature of humans and of many other warm blooded creatures (between 36 and 42 degrees Celsius). This means that cell water with this temperature can respond most flexibly to the energy supply through “geometry” or use the stored energy in the geometry for metabolic processes. Where does the energy, which can cause this restructuring in the human body, come from?
Dr. Patrick Flanagan believes to have solved this mystery. The American researcher, who at the age of 17 was counted among the 10 best scientists of the United States, who at the age of 19 already worked in the Gemini Space Programme of the NASA and who at 23 years of age worked with dolphins at a military communication programme, has invented over 300 technical discoveries to this day. For over 20 years, he has been trying to discover the secrets of water. Formerly Dr. Henri Coanda, the father of fluid dynamics, asked him to continue his life’s work, namely the research of the legendary life-prolonging effects of the glacier water in the valley of the Hunzas in the Himalayas. With his wife Gael Crystal, an internationally known lecturer for nutrition, he discovered the energizing effect of certain micro particles of this water in their private institute in Sedona, Arizona.
pentacleRecently, Flanagan succeeded with a special 33-phase method (see box, page 45) to further increase the “Hunza-Water-Effect.” The results are special drops, called “Crystal Energy – Flanagan Microcluster,” which can be added to every beverage. They are supposed to transform purified water low in minerals into a true spring of life with detoxifying, activating and harmonizing effects on the health. The cause for this effect is found in the “sacred geometry”: In a similar fashion the human body also needs form building germs for the formation of its differently structured liquids such as blood and cerebrospinal fluid, up to the cell and lymphatic liquid as ions serve as centres of crystallization for its structuring. While regular water contains very few “platonic formed” molecules in a sea of formless water the proportion of the water in the bodies of living creatures is supposed to be reversed. If they absorb water they first have to produce “proper liquids” from this. The different methods of “water energizing” already presented seem to facilitate this by “pre-structuring” the water. So called colloids serve as centres of crystallization for the higher geometry in the organism. The body produces these electrically charged “cores” from minerals. The minerals are covered with a water-attracting layer of organic substances such as gelatines, albumins, collagens and polysaccharides. For a certain time this layer protects the colloids from discharging. For example such colloids and water structured by them are found in raw fruits and vegetables, which are the cause for the positive health-giving effect of fruit fasting. Still more stable are colloids, which have a protection from polymers (for example pure organic fatty acid). Exactly such colloids are the secret of the Hunza Water, which is supposed to be one of the main reasons that the members of this Himalaya tribe often reach a biblical age of 120 to 140 years. Normally such colloids are only found in living creatures. But the Hunza Water flows from the glaciers over special rocks that contain large amounts of petrified wood. From this, fatty acids are released that cover the colloids.
The same colloids are also numerously present in the human body. They have a central role in the metabolism whereby the strength of their electromagnetic charge is decisive, as Dr. Flanagan found out. Normal colloids have a negative electric charge of only few mill volts. Instead the Hunza-Version enclosed by fatty acids has a 10 to 20 times higher negative electric charge of 40 millivolts. The so-called Zeta-potential of the colloids provides transport of all kinds in metabolism. Thanks to their high charge they attract the nutrients and bring them to the cells or they arrange for “house cleaning” by attracting the metabolic residues and transport them through the body fluids. Thus they make sure that the cells receive more energy and that the body becomes more vital. At least equally important is a further function: By electric repulsion the colloids effect that the components of the body fluids do not “stick together”. Individual naturopathic doctors and biologists suppose that for example the reduced flow ability of the blood (to be seen in the dark field microscopy as clumping of red blood cells, the so called “rouleau formation” and amongst others a reason for high blood pressure) stems from a low Zeta charge. The influence of the negatively charged colloids on the blood consistency could go much further still: The vital mobility of the primal components of life, of mini microscopic protein granules*, is namely based on such electric negative repulsion.
Here researchers see a seemingly direct connection with the much smaller colloids. The Nobel Prize winner in physics, Wolfgang Pauli, sees the colloids as the perhaps most important link between the organic and inorganic world. For the pioneer of colloid chemistry, Thomas Riddick, the central significance of the colloid charges, the Zeta potentials, is simply “a basic law of nature. The Zeta potential has a decisive role in life. It is the force that controls the many billion cells.” It is very important that the colloid charges are not destroyed prematurely. This could happen through imbalance of the mineral household (wrong nutrition), hormonal disturbances, toxins, electromagnetic waves or through free radicals.

*in the microbiological teachings of Pleomorphism as protites (professor Enderlein) or somatides (professor Oswald) and in an article in the esotera of 12/94 and 1/95 called as primal fungus nuclei

It is equally spectacular to discover a further function of the colloids in the body: Biophotone researcher Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp found out that the water geometry structured by colloids plays an important role in cell communication. Only in such an ordered water structure the cells can convey with the help of ordered light, namely the ultra violet laser rays, information of the DNA-molecules. The so called “water fibre” experiment shows clearly what great effect the minute inner electric forces of water and its minute colloids can unfold – prove of the existence of further unexplored phenomena. A thin stream of water produces a surprisingly high tension between 15.000 and 20.000 volts in its environment. Only a very small electric current (about one milli-ampere 15 times per second) can be collected but it is sufficient to make a fluorescent tube glow softly. The experimental set-up is very simple: Two capillary streams of water, called water “fibres”, drop out of two adjacent jets 10 centimetres into two isolated collecting pans which are connected to collectors. If you touch them with a conductor the fluorescent tube flashes.
Even more spectacular is a further phenomenon: Shortly before the collecting pan the stream divides, and at this point often a very weak bluish glow of the water is to be seen. The single drops begin to move against the gravitational force towards the stream as if moved by magic. In spiral orbits they move up 10 centimetres and partly even additional 20 centimetres higher. It is unclear whether these effects are caused by the electromagnetic field or by other forces.

Leonardo da VinciStudies of water passing obstacles and falling (1508-1509) Leonardo da Vinci


Already in 1892 Nobel Prize winner Lenard described the “electrifying” water fibre effect. In the 30s the naturalist Viktor Schauberger examined this more extensively. Several times he demonstrated these experiments at the Hygiene Institute in Vienna in 1950 and in 1951 at English universities. A Swedish research group led by the electrical engineer Olof Alexandersson has successfully repeated this experiment in the 60s. At the present time several private researchers work on this. A further peculiarity of the electric characteristics of water investigated this way is most interesting: According to Schauberger the energy level fluctuates during the course of the day and should have the lowest effect at 4 p.m. and the highest effect at 10 p.m. Again this may indicate a possible influence of cosmic constellations – in this case probably the influence of the position of the sun.
Dr. Flanagan could prove the close interaction between electric charges, geometric structures in water and a further unresolved influence of cosmic factors. At the request of the private German researcher Oswald Bartel, who co-developed a new instrument for the so-called “pressure-push-ionisation,”* he examined the vibrational resonances of distilled water that had been ionized with this new procedure (“refilled” and “geometrized” with charge carriers). It showed several electromagnetic resonances with a focal point in the area between 7 and 10 Hertz. There are the so-called Schuhmann Waves of the earth as well as the area of the human brain waves (Alpha – and Theta waves).
The mysterious characteristics of the source of life seem to emerge only in a complex interaction between the “charging” of the water (respectively the colloids contained therein), the connected (electromagnetic and cosmic) resonance phenomena and the forming of complex geometric forms in the water structure (such as octahedron or dodecahedron and spiral clusters). This way water is characterized as universal solvent, reservoir and means of transport not only in the human organism but also on the entire earth. It fills the space of the deepest depth of the rocks up to the upper atmosphere. It is memory, source and receiver of “information” up to the finest cosmic “vibrations” of the planets.
Thus the keeping clean of our waters and the restoration of naturally whirling river beds becomes even more significant – above all if you call into awareness a most astounding fact: Water is the only naturally appearing liquid on the surface of our earth (there is no other where water is not contained as a solvent). Generally it can be equalized with the liquid medium underlining its role as a “mediator” between the solid and gaseous (and subtle). The intensive research of water leads to the depth of esoteric knowledge and it still has not revealed all of its secrets. If in the beginning of this series of articles our body was compared to a big “water puddle,” now you can even compare it more significantly: The human being is a constantly reforming, vibrating liquid crystal.

*The medium to be ionized within a capsule is subject to lightly increased pressure of alternating higher and lower tension in the process of “pressure-push-ionization.” Thus for example oxygen can be ionized without forming ozone. For medical-therapeutic purposes it is the most exact single method for water “energizing.” Medical professionals report of astounding lasting detoxifications.

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