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Reading in the “Book of the Body” Reading in the “Book of the Body” published in the magazine "Paracelsus", 2/VI 2009, S. 40-43, 3/VI 2009, page 37-39,

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Reading in the “Book of the Body”

by Ulrich Arndt

Goethe already knew: “Blood is a very special juice.” According to Matthias Schobel, medical director of the laboratory “Cytomed GmbH” in Baden-Baden, it is even “the most important carrier of information of our health condition”. An “entire library” presents itself to the 53-year-old under the microscope, when he examines fresh and dried drops of blood and blood smear, using not only one but ten different methods: Starting with the so- called HLB test according to Heitan, Le-Garde and Bradford to the OET test according to Professor Linke (see box).
This extensive synopsis of different blood tests is – at least in Europe – unique. With their help, the deeper seated physical causes of, for example, allergies, inflammations, eczemas, immunity deficiency, migraine headaches, neurodermatitis, rheumatic pains as well as back pain, joint pain and aching limbs, psoriasis, metabolic disturbances and even cancer can be recognized within one hour. These results are the basis for the specific individual choice of naturopathic or traditional medications. The latter are injected into the patient’s acupuncture points or nerve end points in line with new forms of an autohemotherapy or blood stem cell therapy respectively. This is a fast-acting “First Aid” for a desolate body’s defenses.

A New Dynamic Image of the Human Being

While a blood sample is examined under the microscope, I can already see how - according to the microscope setting and the analytical method - the optical form of the blood changes in many different ways, which can be seen on the connected monitor. Sometimes Schobel shows me little red spots and granules, lemon-like bubbles or a network of tiny threads within the red blood cells. As he explains they “report” from the “library of the body” how efficiently the cell respiration is functioning. At other times, cogwheel-shaped red blood cells appear more or less spiky and with more or less long “branches.” These are indications of a dangerous metabolic breakdown, which could even culminate into cancer.

There are also numerous formations to be discovered and analyzed between the blood cells, in the plasma. Most of all the threads and globules swimming there inform the expert of the condition of the immune system. Even dry blood can “tell long tales.” The way a blood drop dries (if it forms a closed net or if holes are present or especially pronounced lines) gives a multitude of information about the toxic exposure of the body to so called free radicals and thus developing inflammations, metabolic disturbances or even cancer.
The inventors of these various blood analyses and connected therapies represent a “Who is who” of holistic medicine: Aslan, Bradford, von Brehmer, Burgerstein, Enderlein, Hauss, Linke, Pauling, Pischinger, Reckeweg, Warburg, Wrba – doctors, professors and Nobel Price winners, physicians and biologists. Their scientific qualification is recognized in traditional medicine, but incomprehensibly their partially revolutionary research could not establish itself in traditional folk medicine. Instead, their special diagnostic and therapeutic methods became the fundament for a scientifically based alternative medicine.
The reason for this hesitant acceptance is that all these methods are based on a new image of the human being. This image of the human being is not split up (as is usual in traditional medicine) into 10 different body systems (for example respiratory and digestive system) and innumerable separate cells. Rather the human being appears as an integrated, complex dynamic system in it. According to this new model, it is not possible to view any of the 50 trillion cells of our organism separately but has to be judged always in connection with its so-called blood cell milieu. Each cell of our body swims in the “primal ocean” that we carry within ourselves in form of the extra-cellular (which is located outside of the cell) liquid. As known the human being consists of but nearly 75% water.
“ The idea of the cell is only an (…) abstraction.” In the 1970s, Professor Pischinger, professor for histology and embryology in Vienna, recognized that “biologically the idea of the cell cannot be used without the blood cell milieu.” He discovered the outstanding importance of the connective tissue which presents itself as a universal “transformation point” for all materials, energies and information in the body. It does not matter whether it is about vital nutrients, metabolic residues or environmental toxins, about the transition of blood and lymphatic liquid into and out of the vessels or about impulses into or out of the nerves. For the first time it was possible to scientifically explain with this so-called “basic system” and its related “basic regulation” the effectiveness of a multitude of therapies in alternative and research medicine up to acid/base diets and fasting.During the last decades, well-known scientists developed far reaching diagnostic methods where nothing more than a few drops of blood are needed.

The most important blood diagnoses per microscope

During the last decades, well-known scientists developed far reaching diagnostic methods where nothing more than a few drops of blood are needed.
  • 1. Optical Erythrocytes Test (OET)
    The red blood cells are surrounded by a thin layer of at least four different plasma proteins. In case of illness foreign or false proteins are also stored in it, which normally are removed during the usual “surface cleaning” by the spleen. Certain antibodies belong to these foreign proteins, which are amongst others typical for cancer. Under microscope they appear as dark, rod-shaped attachments. Their evaluation serves an early diagnosis of cancer and recognition of chronic inflammations.
  • 2. Bacteria cycles according to Enderlein
    dark granules According to the microbiological theory by professor Günter Enderlein (which was later confirmed by von Brehmer) it is possible that, according to the environment different morbid forms up to bacteria and fungi are developed from vital microorganisms (smallest living protein particles) which exist in the blood. The different growth cycles and stages are typical for certain clinical pictures. They can be treated by special isopathic medicines. In addition it is possible to exactly determine if and when a dosis of antibiotics is useful.
    From structures in blood plasma and the condition of the white blood cells it is possible to back-reference to the body’s exposure to environmental toxins and harmful metabolic residues.
  • 3. Cycles of somatides according to von Brehmer
    Von Bremer rediscovered the micro organisms described by Enderlein before and their morbid effects through milieu changes. His classification into growth cycles, symptoms of sickness and the deductions from that correspond extensively with the descriptions of Enderlein (see above).
  • 4. Blood test according to Scheller
    With the help of the darkfield microscopy and according to a diagnostic scheme developed by Dr. Hermann Scheiter, the cell breathing process is evaluated. The cell breathing process shows us the course of the energy metabolism of the cell, the so-called citric acid cycle, where carbohydrate-, protein- and lipo-metabolism come together. The test can also be used for early cancer diagnosis.
  • 5. HLB-Test (Bradford Test)
    seriously ill people The test developed by Heitan, Le-Gard and Bradford uses dried blood. The way the blood proteins attach themselves and form a net, shows how the
    body is burdened with free radicals according to empirical values. Research by Dr. Bradford has shown that all chronic and degenerative illnesses are connected to certain free radicals. However, the radicals can be neutralized with natural healing remedies, enzymes, vitamins or other antioxidants.
  • 6. Evaluation of the state of the basic system
    Professor Alfred Pischinger discovered that the connective tissue of the human being is the universal reloading point for nutrients, oxygen and metabolic residues. Not only the blood and lymphatic system flow into this place but also the nerve endings, so that their messages have to pass the “filter” of the connective tissue first. Pischinger calls the connective tissue a basic system because of its central significance in the metabolic and regulatory process.
    From the microscopic analysis of the blood, it is possible to find out the ability of the basic system to transport substances.
    It is possible to discover disturbances in the blood caused, for example, by deposits of metabolic and acid waste products in the form of protein residues.
  • 7. Evaluation of the cell phase according to Reckeweg
    All illnesses are caused by environmental toxins, metabolic disturbances or free radicals according to the homotoxicological teachings of Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg. The body has different regulatory mechanisms to eliminate them. Reckeweg allocated certain symptoms of diseases to the regulatory mechanisms and divided them into six phases where the blockage of the natural regulation increases more and more. According to this, eczemas, herpes and muscular rheumatism, for example, represent a still controllable reactionary phase of the immune system. However, physical symptoms such as migraine, damages of the liver, pneumonia and pre-states of cancer would indicate already very dangerous blockages of the regulatory system.
    Blood with minor illness The intention of the treatment is to lead the patient from higher back to lower phases where the body could heal itself.
    With the help of the microscopic blood cell analysis one can find out the contamination of the body with toxins and its ability to eliminate waste products. From this, the cell phase according to Reckeweg is determined, together with the pattern of the symptoms.
  • 8. Evaluation of the enzyme condition according to Wrba
    Lack of enzymes and blockades lead to disturbances of the metabolism and, last but not least, to the different diseases. Due to certain atypical cell structures it is possible to find out the enzyme condition.
  • 9. Additional Analysis
    In the basic test by “Cytomed,” enzymes and so-called (protein) risk factors in the blood are determined through regular laboratory analysis in addition to microscopic analysis.
    In addition, the urine is examined for heavy metals, nitrates, phosphates, ammoniuma and formaldehyde. With the help of the “layer reaction” according to professor Herget urine is searched for residues of proteins, which allow an exact analysis of organs disturbed in their function.

These results require totally different therapeutic approaches. As an example, Schobel shows this on the basis of cancer treatment: “School medicine removes a tumor by surgery or kills it through chemical poisons or radioactive rays. However, inflammatory factors, which build metastases, are overlooked and this can lead to the well-known spreading and related tumors.” Holistic medicine, however, would not focus on single cancer cells but on the dynamic cell milieu of the entire organism, whose disturbance lead to the condition where cancer could manifest in the first place. The director of the Baden-Baden laboratory declares:
“ Only if a rehabilitation of this body milieu, and consequently of the entire body, has been successful, the deeper causes of cancer manifestation, such as chronic inflammations and stored toxins, are removed.”
More than 2000 years ago, Hippocrates indicated with his “doctrine of bodily juices” the central significance of the connecting and regulating flow in the body and the dynamic contrary to the static. Today, at least the blood can be exactly evaluated with the help of precisely developed technical, analytical methods as one of these dynamic elements.
The blood connects all cells in the body as “juice of life.” The blood supplies the cells with oxygen and nutrients and takes the metabolic residues to the organs of elimination as a “garbage removal.” The blood plays an important role in the immune system and is the medium of transportation for numerous chemical messengers and hormones. If there are any disturbances in the metabolic flow, inflammations and illnesses, one can find traces in the blood. For example, these can be typical immune materials or enzymes, foreign proteins from decay products or bacteria and viruses. During the course of long years of research, the renowned scientists mentioned before were able to allocate these kinds of “additions” to the blood, to certain diseases and disturbances of health, so that today’s different blood tests make extensive and differentiated diagnoses possible.
Normally a doctor or a medical laboratory specializes in only one single method of blood analysis, for example in the HLB test also known under the name of Bradford Test, or in the OET test mentioned before. Each single one of these analytical methods makes surprisingly detailed statements about the health condition possible. The HLB test makes statements about the contamination of free radicals, which have a part in the manifestation of nearly all illnesses. The OET test makes statements about disturbances that can lead to cancer.
For the first time several of these methods are combined in the Baden-Baden laboratory. Its medical director explains: “Only in synopsis of the different single diagnoses the entire individual health problem of the specific patient can be clearly crystallized through varied confirmations and differentiations,” thus winning an entire library of information from only a small amount of blood. Mathias Schobel uses these methods during the first tests as a kind of a basic medical check up of the patient. In addition, further blood and urine tests are used, among others for the determination of the contamination of heavy metals and other environmental pollutants, known in traditional medicine as well.
This is an extraordinary effort that makes possible extraordinary healings, as different examples of medical records show. Renate K. tells: “I received six chemotherapies for the cancer in both lungs. Afterwards I had to constantly use additional oxygen supply. Even outdoors I could not take one single step without a mobile breathing apparatus – almost like a diver or an astronaut.” For half a year,, Renate K. lived under these conditions without any improvement. For the first time in March she came to Schobel. With the help of the blood tests, he chose a particular medication, which significantly improved her health condition. The 54-year-old says: “During the month of June I was in Baden-Baden receiving the new serum and blood stem cells therapy. Afterwards I definitively had the feeling that an inner switch had permanently lead to health.” Today she does not need any breathing apparatus, she can ride a bicycle and walk and is completely cured according to the examination of the Hemer lung clinic.

The secret of successful Cures

The director of Cytomed can report numerous similar cases. The secret of these successful cures are not only the different blood counts, which Schobel has researched for more than 14 years, and the individual choice of proper medication made possible this way; a major part of these cures is also a new form of autohemotherapy, which was developed by Mathias Schobel - the so called blood stem cell therapy (see below). This method contains traditional and alternative medicine, neural therapy and Chinese acupuncture, thus bringing the “juices” and energies of the organism into a harmonious flow again.

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